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Police hunt suspect in Kyoto protest

By Derek Simmonsen staff writer
November 6, 2003

KYOTO, Japan -- Police were hopeful Wednesday they would find a man suspected of mastermining the recent protests that shut down this Japanese city for four days, clogging streets and subways and forcing businesses to close.

Authorities say the main organizer was an American-born 42-year-old who goes by Michael Bakunin and is the supposed leader of Anarchists for a Better State.


Protesters clog downtown, conference

Published: Nov 6, 2001

EUGENE -- Thousands of protesters clogged downtown on Thursday and forced the closure of a Democratic Party conference scheduled to be held at the Hyatt Regency this weekend.

Protesters, who said they represented Anarchists for a Better State, overwhelmed the Eugene Police Department, which was uprepared for the massive gathering.


Protesters infiltrate GOP meeting 
Lack of security blamed


AMARILLO -- Anti-globalization protesters infiltrated a meeting Wednesday of state Republican leaders, posing as supporters and aides in order to wreak havoc inside the Holiday Inn conference facility.

Police arrested seven members of an organization called the Anarchists for a Better State, which claimed responsibility for the disruption of the meeting.

  Police beating suspect refuses to press charges

By Tamara Jones
Staff Writer 

VIRGINIA BEACH, Apr. 6 -- The victim of a police beating during the protests that shut down this beach community last month has refused to press charges, saying he does not want to "participate in the state's unlawful criminal courts."

Television news cameras recorded the beating of Tony Marsh, of Long Island, N.Y., during a protest by Anarchists for a Better State. The videotapes showed polce beating Marsh with night sticks and flashlights in an effort to force protesters from streets along the beachfront community.






















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